Aqualife has been in the water treatment business for over 20 years but over the past 10 has been carefully moulded into arguably Australia's most specialised manufacturer of compact reverse osmosis water treatment systems. Over 30% of product is directed into the medical and veterinary industries supplying water for steam sterilisation equipment across Australia and a number of countries in the South Pacific.
The company has been technically driven and innovative in designing and building products that are sourced globally from the highest quality and most cost effective parts produced relative to worlds best practice within the water treatment industry. Consequently, the specialised range of products we offer our customers are excellent value.
  • In relation to the medical industry Aqualife guarantees the production of water for use in steam sterilisation equipment in accordance with the Australian Standard
  • The Aqualife mantra in the food and coffee industries is to provide water treatment systems that provide the best solutions to achieving low capital and long term maintenance costs.
  • When it comes to drinking water in the commercial market, Aqualife is mindful of your corporate occupational health and safety responsibilities whether the needs are for simply healthy drinking water or chilled and boiling water needs. Aqualife remains confident to offer the best options that will guarantee your lowest operating cost structure.
  • Domestic water treatment for your home and family environment is well cared for by this Australian company with a strong national focus. Whether your family is seeking the best in health care, inflicted with allergies or other medical disabilities or compelled to treat water from non municipal supplies, Aqualife offers the best in technical advice.
As a business, Aqualife views itself as part of an increasingly competitive global family. We source the best in product across the world. We continually address emerging new technologies in our research and development program. Above all we strive to be a good corporate citizen. We care for all customers both large and small. We care for our employees. We seek long healthy relationships with our valued suppliers and the community in which we work and live. Finally, we value and appreciate that we hold a unique position on this superb planet. Our environment is deserving of our sensitivity and caring attention for the long term benefit of everyone, including future generations.
Water, like all resources is a finite resource. It is also natures best medicine and mankind's best friend.

Richard Hoy
Managing Director

Aqualife Products (Australia) Pty Ltd

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