Why should I use a water filter?

Water is a pure product that is contaminated by natural and man made chemicals. These chemicals can be eliminated by careful and progressive filtration to revive the pure product. Although some chemicals are essential for health and well being (eg minerals) we believe that eliminating the unwanted contaminants through selective filtration gives a desirable and refreshing product essential for our survival.

What are Osmosis and Reverse Osmosis?

Assume a membrane is semipermeable allowing water to pass through while being closed to dissolved salts. Place a membrane between two compartments in a container. Then place a salt solution in one half of the container and pure water in the other half. Now a fundamental scientific principle comes into play. The two different concentrations of liquids will try to reach equilibrium on both sides of the membrane. The only way for this to occur is for the pure water to pass through the membrane to the salt-water side in an attempt to gain equilibrium. This is called osmosis.

Reverse Osmosis is the reversal of the natural flow of osmosis. It is a technology where the goal is not to dilute the salt solution but separate the pure water from the salt and other unwanted contaminants. When the natural osmotic flow is reversed, water from the salt solution is forced through the membrane in the opposite direction by application of pressure and consequently the term REVERSE OSMOSIS has been created.

How do I change a Cartridge?

  • Turn off water supply located under bench
  • Relieve pressure in system by turning on faucet at sink
  • Unscrew housings clockwise and remove used cartridges. Wash housings if necessary in warm water and sanitising liquid (Note: on removal, housings will be filled with water)
  • Inspect housing ‘O' rings ensure correct location in seat at top of housing and if dry use a food grade silicon lubricant
  • Insert pre-filter (Sediment or #401) in housing closest to stopcock and tighten firmly ensuring ‘O' ring is seated correctly. Do not over tighten
  • Insert filter (Spaceage) in housing closest to stopcock and tighten firmly ensuring ‘O' ring is seated correctly. Do not over tighten
  • Wipe down housings and turn on water supply gradually using stopcock. Let system run for 5 minutes and check for leaks
  • If leaks are apparent close water supply; relieve pressure, inspect "O" rings and tighten housings

Note: Sanitising the system is recommended every 6 months using a Sanitrol® Chlorine Dioxide tablet that is safe, fast and easy to use.

change cartridge2

How does disinfection by Ultraviolet work?

The ultraviolet process has applications where microbial activity is present in water. The process will effectively destroy many harmful bacteria and viruses. The destruction is effected when water absorbs the ultra violet rays and the micro-organisms are exposed to UV radiation. When the micro-organisms are exposed to UV radiation, their protective membrane is penetrated allowing the DNA to be destroyed.

The significant advantages of UV technology is that:

  • it does not distort the taste of water
  • alter the pH value
  • avoids creating new chemical complexes as occurs with chemical fed disinfection processes

To maximise the disinfection performance of the UV device, the water passing through the chamber should be high quality prefiltered to reduce the suspended solids content and discolouration. Water having high iron content will require special pre-treatment. The globe should be removed and cleaned at least four (4) times per year together with the quartz sleave to guarantee the UV rays will achieve maximum exposure with the water. The bulbs should be replaced once a year ( or as directed by the manufacturer) as most are rated for not more than 9,000 hours of operation. The small stainless UV devices are rated at less than 4 litres per minute and consume a steady 10 - 35 watts of electricity per hour.

The intensity of ultraviolet light is expressed

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