Polyproproplene Cartridge

Manufactured to ISO 9001 Standard

This series of Aqualife® sediment filter cartridges is excellent in those applications requiring the removal of suspended solids from drinking water systems. For those applications demanding high quality pre-filtration, the melt spinning technology offers significant advantage for filter cartridge design. These cartridges provide high standards of protection for the primary carbon cartridge over other designs. They give the customer improved water quality, cost savings as a result of longer on-stream life cycles and consequently lower maintenance costs. 

Excellence in Performance and Design

Uniform fluid flow through a depth filter medium optimises the retention qualities and durability of these cartridges. Conversely, an uneven fluid flow can decrease the filtration efficiency because unwanted sediment particles are caught by only a small percentage of the cartridge. Uniform fluid flow is the dominant feature of these cartridges.

The manufacturing process involves thousands of thermally bonded and mechanically interlocked fibres that form a complex mesh of microscopic and predetermined pore size. These pores diffuse the flow and results in most of the cartridge being used to trap unwanted contaminants. 

Superior Cleanliness

Because the Aqualife polypropylene cartridges are produced from high quality resin there are no anti-static agents, surfactants, binders or adhesives. As a result the process eliminates the foaming caused by surfactants contained in many other filter cartridges. The process also results in fast clean-up times. This series of cartridges complies with all statuary requirements including all food grade material regulations and beverage and pharmaceutical industry compliance legislation. 

Waste Disposal and Environmental Responsibility

Disposal is easy and economical because these filter cartridges can be reduced to ash through incineration.

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