Quattro Cartridge WC 1025D

Specifically chemically engineered for the food and beverage industry, the Aqualife Quattro cartridge incorporates the magazine housing technology. This cartridge design maximises contact time of water with the media and provides a four stage water treatment system.

The mass of high surface area from the specially selected Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) leads to a high level of organic chemical and free-chlorine removal. The Quattro series will give approximately thirty (30) seconds contact time against approximately six.(6) seconds for a hollow core granular activated carbon (GAC) cartridge.

The Quattro also incorporates a bi-metal material using the redox chemical technology to reduce the level of heavy metal contaminants. The benefits are enormous because the material

  • assists with the removal of chlorine beyond the capability of GAC and reduces the level of heavy metal contamination 
  • prevents the crystallisation of calcium and magnesium mineral salts that form to create mineral hardness therefore controlling scale formation 
  • effective in reducing concentrations of bacteria
  • effective 1 micron nominal suspended solids reduction that provides clear water without giving premature blockage

This bi-metal compound replaces existing technology in a way that improves the performance of GAC, silver and phosphate for longer life, lower total cost, control of micro-organisms, and effective removal of a wide range of contaminants.

The Quattro cartridge offers a low-pressure drop and excellent dirt holding capacity greater than other similar cartridges on the market due to the ultra-fine 1 m sediment retention achieved from the low rated micron pre-filter. The high quality ultra-fine polypropylene pre-filter contains no anti-static agents, surfactants, binders or adhesives and complies with all regulations covering materials used in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. The grade of granular activated carbon used has been carefully selected to achieve high adsorption levels of chlorine and organic elements that can adversely impact on unwanted odours and taste features present in the feed water supply.

All components have recognised approval for food industry use.

Statements, technical information and recommendations contained herein are based on tests we believe to be reliable and are generally regarded as indicative performance to be expected from the filter. Should doubts arise as to effectiveness it is recommended for specific accuracy or completeness, the performance of the filter should be evaluated within the applicable environment.

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