Water Filtration Systems
for Commercial Kitchens

The Aqualife® Quattro filter cartridge has been chemically engineered specifically for use in the commercial kitchen equipment market to protect combi ovens, espresso equipment and other commercial kitchen equipment using heated water where chemical reactions rapidly intensifies.

The Quattro uses a bi-metal compound that works on the redox (oxidation reduction process) technology. The benefit in using this process is that the analysis of the water is restructured without any chemical interference. The process creates an electro-chemical reaction between molecules including some heavy metals such as lead, mercury and copper as well as converting free chlorine into a benign water soluble chloride. Most importantly, field reports claim that descaling is easier and faster and less acid is used to remove any accumulation in lime-scale.

Protection of Equipment and low cost maintenance

The NEW AquaCombi S900 gives the best protection from limescale forming calcium manganese salts. Reverse Osmosis gives a secure reduction in the level of chlorides that are relentless in the pitting of stainless steel. Life of your equipment and low maintenance cost are the beneficiaries.

This NEW AquaCombi C1200 has a rate capacity of 1200 litres per day – enough water to feed 40 tray combi ovens.
The system remains compact measuring approximately 40L x 40H x 20D cm which makes the size relative to the restricted space in commercial kitchens
The Aqualife RO technology in the C1200 continues with the security of a five stage process system including a 1 micron pre-filtration to protect the granular activated carbon.

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At Aqualife, we are constantly researching water purification processes to ensure your water is of the highest possible quality.

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Save up to 70% on maintenance! The NEW AquaCombi C900 gives maximum protection against limescale accumulation and chloride pitting or rusting

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