Aqualife® Quattro Food Industry Filter

The Aqualife® Quattro filter cartridge has been chemically engineered specifically for use in the commercial kitchen equipment market to protect combi ovens, espresso equipment and other commercial kitchen equipment using heated water where chemical reactions rapidly intensifies.

The Quattro uses a bi-metal compound that works on the redox (oxidation reduction process) technology. The benefit in using this process is that the analysis of the water is restructured without any chemical interference. The process creates an electro-chemical reaction between molecules including some heavy metals such as lead, mercury and copper as well as converting free chlorine into a benign water soluble chloride. Most importantly, field reports claim that descaling is easier and faster and less acid is used to remove any accumulation in lime-scale.

Furthermore, the Quattro will effectively control the growth of microorganisms without any toxic effects that arise from silver impregnated media. Consequently, the GAC is protected from the growth of bacteria.

The Aqualife® Quattro cartridge incorporates a 1 micron sediment filtration component. The depth of filtration prevents premature blockage but then allows the optimum protection of the GAC from suffocating from suspended solids such as mud and rust which completely nullifies the effectiveness of the carbon.

This filter is a drop in canister style cartridge and filtration system. Aqualife has deliberately not followed the global fashion of quick-fit or snap-on filtration systems. Consequently, the Aqualife Quattro food industry filter not only enhances the chemical engineering process of treating water but provides the market with a guarantee on achieving low long term maintenance costs.

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