C1200 AquaCombi RO P5

This NEW AquaCombi C1200 has a rate capacity of 1200 litres per day – enough water to feed 40 tray combi ovens.
The system remains compact measuring approximately 40L x 40H x 20D cm which makes the size relative to the restricted space in commercial kitchens
The Aqualife RO technology in the C1200 continues with the security of a five stage process system including a 1 micron pre-filtration to protect the granular activated carbon.
A 24V power supply operates the treatment system automatically.
The NEW C1200 has been chemically engineered specifically for the commercial kitchen environment.
The system includes 
  • 24V power supply Pump
  • Automatic flushing system
  • 1200 gpd membrane
  • Four filter cartridges
  • All Australian manufactured compliant hardware
  • USA filter housings
  • USA 1200 gpd membrane
  • 20 litre tank with other sizes available as an optional extra.
The Aqualife® C1200 is a low capital and maintenance cost.
Furthermore, the AquaCombi C1200 is Australian designed and manufactured reverse osmosis system with outstanding after sales support.
This makes your choice an intelligent decision.



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