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The Aqualife Mineralized RO P5 avoids the inefficiency and high cost of purchasing bottled distilled or standard bottle water which lacks the essential nutritional quality of tap water. This Australian developed process produces up to 300 litres per day of pure water that has effectively minimized unwanted contaminants and any imbalances in dissolved minerals and salts.

The Mineralized RO P5 is a multistage system relying on a number of technologies to deliver pure water to people with severe health challenges. The system provides for manual flushing of the membrane to ensure consistency in production of high water quality.

The exclusive Aqualife Products® range of twin underbench kitchen water treatment systems offers guaranteed excellence in performance as measured by world standards. Choice Magazine (March 2003) has included Aqualife within its certified point of use cartridge filters. Our twin recommendations include only a combination of two from three high performing cartridges. The narrow selection of cartridges guarantees satisfying the highest standards of occupational health and safety demanded by any individual and/or public or private corporation.

Aqualife Products® is the benchmark for excellence in filtration as measured by world standards. The Company offers a choice of three (3) domestic countertop kitchen bench filter systems.

The new Aqualife Alkaline Catridge is a low cost way to increase the alkalinity of your water.

Build your own system from $50!
  • Lower your acid waste
  • Improve your bone density
  • Increase your energy level
  • High pH so just a sip will bring serious hydration
  • Improve your health anytime during the day
  • Enriched by nature's natural minerals
Grow younger every day

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At Aqualife, we are constantly researching water purification processes to ensure your water is of the highest possible quality.

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Save up to 70% on maintenance! The NEW AquaCombi C900 gives maximum protection against limescale accumulation and chloride pitting or rusting

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