AquaClave M900

The NEW AquaClave Mark 3 900 Series remains the proven 5 stage Aqualife RO system but with an enhanced production capacity. Suffcient water to feed thermal washer disinfection and steam sterilisation equipment.

The M900 includes a larger capacity membrane, double ended high flow pump, a 40 litre storage tank or with 80 litre tank option plus all the enhanced features of the standard AquaClave system.

Reverse Osmosis

The AquaClave M900series model has a high capacity membrane with excellent abrasive resistance. e membrane will remove approximately 95% of all dissolved minerals and salts. The two stage polishing system feeding the AutoClave will remove remaining organic and non-organic residues thereby finishing the water quality to meet all autoclave operating standards. The water for the thermal washes by-passes this final treatment and is supplied direct from the membrane.

Commercial Advantages

The availability of this volume of water enhances the economics of your investment and makes your choice of an AquaClave M900 series an intelligent decision. 


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