"Using the TDS meter supplied with the AquaClave®, will you explain to me why I achieve higher quality water with AquaClave® technology than what I obtain from my bench-top distillation unit?”

Dr Allan Coveney
Mildura VIC


“We have found the AquaClave low maintenance cost effective and quietly efficient. Distilled water in an instant – fantastic!”

Tracey Simonis
Senior Dental Assistant
Dr. Amanda Lawrence


“Brilliant! It is a great convenience to the practice having this quality of water on tap all the time. The AquaClave takes no bench space and works really well.”

Practice Manager Gippsland Dental Group
Morwell VIC


“The purchase of the Aqualife AquaClave® water treatment system was the best thing we ever did for our surgery.”

Dr. Grant Ford
Kingston TAS


“I would highly recommend this filtration unit to anyone looking for a measurable and continuous source of demineralised water.

Dr. Lars Moir
Kununurra W.A.


“I believe we operate a surgery equipped for the 21st century and the AquaClave® is central to this investment”

Dr. Greg Lynch
Bundoora VIC


“One of the largest challenges in surgery management is having instruments thoroughly rinsed with pure water. The discipline is essential because the replacement cost of instruments is enormous plus the contaminated tap water residues damage the autoclave.”

Jo Wolff
Clinical Educator Specialist

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At Aqualife, we are constantly researching water purification processes to ensure your water is of the highest possible quality.

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Save up to 70% on maintenance! The NEW AquaCombi C900 gives maximum protection against limescale accumulation and chloride pitting or rusting

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